Learn how to make your characters humanlike

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a Villain if ever I saw one — source

Conquer bad dialogue with these tips from a master

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The 6 Tips


And how to avoid them

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  • Why it is a mistake
  • The solution

2. Heavy market interference

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4. Thou shalt create suspense

few things communicates the idea of wisdom than a white beard man — Credit: LDS
  1. Doesn’t draw any deep emotions from us.
  2. Doesn’t offer us any insight into the state of the world, society, or human nature.
  3. Doesn’t entertain us.
  4. Doesn’t get us to ask or worry about “what…

1) a character with a goal

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5 ingredients for telling a good story

1. A character with a goal

No story can be told without a character or cast of characters. They can be a spoon, ant, board, or plant. But characters are useless without…

6 criticisms and their rebuttals

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  • Upgraded the runtime on x occasions without any forks
  • Reduced the amount of DOTs a…

Decentralized stablecoin, cross-chain transfers, hybrid finance, and more

Learn about one of crypto’s most anticipated events of 2021

parachain auctions — photo by Author

Gilbert Bassey

I’m a storyteller who loves to teach other people how to tell stories. I also care about decentralization.

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