Learn how to make your characters humanlike

All great stories are about great characters. But for a character to become great, they must leave the 1-dimensional realm of the cardboard cutout character and become a humanlike character, existing in more than 2 dimensions, aided by the contradictions inherent in them. This means that he shouldn’t be all…

Ever written a story that just wasn’t working?

No matter what you tried, you couldn’t seem to get it right, and like a virus, this inability sent firestorms into your world, leaving you helpless.

Every writer I’ve met knows this feeling, as do I — in fact, I lived it…

Conquer bad dialogue with these tips from a master

I used to think that writing good dialogue was a gift I possessed until one short script kicked me in the teeth. I felt like a fraud for the first time. The character wasn’t sounding right, and without that, it felt flatter than plywood. What did I not try? I…

And how to avoid them

Although nature thrives on mistakes, your stories could die if you make some of the mistakes outlined below. Some of these I learned the hard way, and others I gleaned from my observation of and interaction with many writers over the years.

I have structured each mistake thus;

  • The mistake

Shape the future of Polkadot, Kusama, and the Parachains

With 10 parachains now live on Kusama, and Polkadot parachain auctions slated to begin on November 11, we stand at the bleeding edge of a web3 future. …

A lesson from Murder on The Orient Express

This post was written in collaboration with Ejiga Emmanuel.

As storytellers, we want our audience to feel strong emotions and gain new insights. …

1. Making the antagonist pure evil without a justifiable reason

This post was written in collaboration with Ejiga Emmanuel.

All too often, we writers are focused on creating the best hero. We give them the right qualities and backstory so that the audience can empathize with them. …

2. Heavy market interference

Is it possible to be a storyteller that never tells a bad story?

Contrary to what you may expect to hear, the answer is yes.

“How come?”, you wonder. “Isn’t it a game of Russian roulette where you never know what you’re going to get — sometimes a great story…

4. Thou shalt create suspense

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Why go through the stress of creating a story only to create a story that’s weak? The weak story is the death of greatness. But what makes a story weak, and consequently, what makes a story good?

A weak story…

1) a character with a goal

Stories are powerful but powerful as they are, they are easy to create. This is because all stories are similar, possessing a similar framework regardless of genre.

What does it take to tell a good story? Not a lot. Just a few key ingredients and you’re good to go. In…

Gilbert Bassey

I’m a storyteller who loves to teach other people how to tell stories. I also care about decentralization.

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